On-Job-Training :

At SFA, we focus on “On-the-job training” which takes place in the actual working environment for gaining skills. This benefits both Trainees/Students and the business. Trainees/Students gain experience dealing with the tasks and challenges that they will meet during a normal working scenario. We follow the CMMI quality standards and impart the same knowledge to trainees. This ensures great learning experience for student at different stages of project lifecycle.

Industrial Training / Internships:

SFA’s internship program attracts a mix of students from across disciplines like management, technology, and operations. There is a thrill in being part of a start-up. The freedom, vibrancy and urgency, makes everyone more creative, more productive, and enthused to solve problems big and small. We have internship programs for Technical Graduates and Management Trainees. They are engaged in projects related to delivery, sales enabling, Business Analysis and other support functions. The technical trainees are engaged in various projects including that in ASP. Net, PHP, Java, database management, reporting, software development life cycle, mobile application development, android, iOS, e-commerce portal, HTML, website designing etc. The meritorious students are offered placement for continuing to be a part of that same project with a good salary package.

Minor / Major Projects:

During the professional courses students have Minor and Major Projects in their curriculum which they have to complete in some Industry. SFA gives them a platform for IT related projects. This gives practical experience to the students, while giving them a feel of real corporate world. They get opportunity to work on Live Projects and to find out their best technical/professional skills. We have a team of experts for latest technology domains who help the students in completing their projects and ensure corporate learning at each and every project.