About SFA

We at SFA, work on student’s career with an aim to produce world class domain experts who would establish themselves in the higher echelons of any field they venture into. We work on technical training in various IT and non IT fields & hands-on live project work. We also provide a platform for students to exhibit their technical skills through developing Project Applications, with an aim to work on experimental learning.

Career training is paramount to both surviving and thriving in this new economic era. To be successful in your job and career, you need to continually improve your existing skills as well as acquire new ones. But it is not only difficult to achieve these training goals effectively, but to know what kind of training is even available. Thankfully, SFA provides this all-in-one training solution for you.

Our major responsibility is to target various software, industrial, management and research organizations in the country with the aim of ensuring that the students are given adequate technical exposure / industrial training after and also enabling them to get employment in organizations whose functional requirements of high caliber engineers, scientists and managers are best met by the unmatched certified students of the our institute.

Our training courses play a major role in shaping up the career goals of students. It is the dream of every student to get placed in a top organization or to gain a job of their interest. Keeping this key aspect into consideration, it is realized that training is important for students to enhance their employability skills and achieve good placement in various Industries.

At present, the competition for employment is increasing day by day and placement has become a challenging task. IN the same direction training of students and equipping them with life skills is an important responsibility of SFA. Along with technical expertise, development of a holistic personality is also necessary. To meet out these requirements, a fully fledged training cell is operating in our organization to enhance the capabilities of graduates on par with the industry standards.

Our training cell is dedicated towards proper placement of student’s .It advices students on career options and provides the latest information on training & employment opportunities. Our focus areas are providing guidance, counseling, training, live experience and bringing students and their potential together to achieve best possible training and placement.



To recognize the core competencies of the students.


To train the students to meet the expectations of the industry through our Career Development programs and multiple courses.


To build confidence in students and develop right attitude in them.


To look for employment of all students.


To motivate students to develop their overall personality in terms of career planning, goal setting and re-skilling which will stand them in good stead even after getting the job.


Live projects training